Water-saving programs

You can save money and reduce your water use through free tips and programs that give you money.

Using our water more efficiently helps us make sure there’s enough water for everyone. This is important even though it’s rained a lot this year. Some parts of California are still dealing with the effects of a multi-year drought.

Home water-saving tips

No matter what kind of home you live in, you can make small changes to save water around the house. Many cost you nothing to do and can save you money.

How to start saving water

Visit Save Our Water’s free tips about how to save water around your home.

Turf replacement rebates

Person sitting outside a house with water-efficient landscaping

Your benefit

You can get money from your local water agency to replace your lawn, grass, or other turf with water-friendly landscaping. The amount varies based on where you live.

Decreasing landscape watering makes a big difference. In California, 50% of urban residential water is used outdoors. Removing turf can save you money on your water bill.

How to find your program

State income tax exemption

A person in a wheelchair holding a plant outside townhomes with water-efficient landscaping

Your benefit

Rebates from a water agency, local government, or the state to remove turf is tax-free on your state taxes.

How to claim your exemption

  • If you use a tax preparation service (like TurboTax or TaxSlayer), find out if it supports FTB 4197. Search for Information on Tax Expenditure Items.
  • If someone prepares your taxes for you, tell them you received money for turf removal and it’s tax-free.
  • If you do your own taxes or your tax preparation service doesn’t include FTB 4197, request the form from the Franchise Tax Board. You can also request instructions to help you prepare the form.