Home energy programs

You can get thousands of dollars to make home energy efficiency improvements and fight climate change. There are programs for renters and homeowners.

Energy efficiency saves you money. It makes it cheaper to heat or cool your home to be comfortable in it. Using less energy also makes it easier for us to get our energy from green sources like solar power.

Energy-saving tips

Energy Upgrade California has energy-saving tips everyone can use to reduce their energy use. You can implement most tips for free!

GoGreen Home loans

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Your benefit

You can get a loan with zero fees or closing costs to pay for energy-efficient improvements in your home. Loans are available to both renters and homeowners. A broad range of credit scores and home types are eligible for GoGreen Home loans.

How to get your loan

Go to GoGreen Home to check if you’re eligible. Select Start your project today to apply.

Energy Savings Assistance

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Your benefit

Low-income Californians can get free home upgrades to make them more energy efficient. Upgrades are available for both renters and homeowners.

You don’t have to find a contractor to do the upgrades. Once you’re approved, your local utility will find a qualified contractor for you and schedule an in-home review.

How to get your upgrades

Go to Energy Savings Assistance to see if your local utility has a program. Scroll down to find the list in the Utility ESA Website table. Your utility may offer other bill discount programs.

Disadvantaged Communities – Single-family Solar Homes program

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Low-income Californians living in certain tribal or pollution-affected communities can get no-cost rooftop solar installations on their homes.

How to get solar on your home

Go to Energy for All to find out if you qualify. Consider applying to your Energy Savings Assistance program too. These programs work well together.

Disadvantaged Communities – Green Tariff program

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Your benefit

Low-income Californians living in certain tribal or pollution-affected communities who can’t install rooftop solar (like renters) can get a 20% discount on clean energy.

How to get your discount

Go to Disadvantaged Communities Green Tariff for a list of local utilities with programs. You can also contact your utility to find out if they have a program or how to enroll.

Federal tax credits

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Your benefit

You can get a tax credit of up to 30% of the price of many home energy upgrades. You’ll get this money when you file your taxes.

How to claim your credits

  1. Find out what credits you can claim at Rewiring America.
  2. Claim the credit when you prepare your federal taxes.
    • If you use a tax preparation service (like TurboTax or TaxSlayer), look for the residential energy credits in the credits section.
    • If someone prepares your taxes for you, tell them you made home energy upgrades.
    • If you do your own taxes, file Form 5695 with your federal tax return.

Local programs

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Your area may have more programs to make your home energy efficient. Programs are available for both renters and homeowners.

How to find programs

Enter your zip code at The Switch Is On to find programs in your area.